Print, Digital & Direct

Marketing Strategies


Print marketing is an essential strategy when advertising your home. This includes brochures and targeted mailing distribution.


Our in-house, multipage custom brochures are a perfect way to leave a potential buyer quintessential details about your home. Be sure to go to our other page to view brochure examples.

Direct Mail

Prospective buyers may be neighbors or a reference for friends or family of your neighbor. Perhaps your home is just what someone is looking for who we've tageted in a specific geographic area. Either way, this is a platform we don't want to miss.


Most of today's buyers are searching online. That's why we made sure to use several outlets when advertising your home. Our brochures come in the forms of print and online. Your home will also be advertised using a personal property website, social media, 3-D tour, and million-dollar+ homes will be featured gloablly with our affiliate, Luxury Portfolio International.

Personal Property Website

Advertised around the globe, you will get an exclusive website with a custom URL specific to your property - A feature that sets us apart.

Social Media

Only 9% of realtors utilize social media to advertise their listings. While 80% of buyers are online searching for homes, we make sure this is part of our marketing stragey.

3-D Tour

With the use of advanced technology, our virtual 3-D tour gives clients exactly what they want at the convience of their home. Virtually walk-through a property with a 360-degree views rendering every angle of the home.


Broker Tour - Kentwood

Once you list your home with us, we will feature it on Kentwood's exclusive Broker Tour. Here, your home will get valuable feedback from seasoned real estate agents and be immediately advertised, potentially making a match if one of those agents has a buyer looking for your homes' criteria.

Open House

We will host an open house, with your permission, if we deem the market worthy to respond. We will also put an ad in the paper advertising the open house for more turn-out.