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Jennifer Markus, along with her husband Todd Markus, concentrate their efforts on delivering the highest level of service and trust. Together they have established an impressive resume. Clients and colleagues recognize them as the "Markus Dream Team" whose combined experience and knowledge of the local market have set them apart.

The Markus' excel in their field and have sold an array of dream homes to multiple generations of families. No home too small or too big - they are dedicated to evaluating each client’s unique needs to find the ideal dream home designed just for them.

Read about their new 5-bedroom walkout property located in Cherry Hill's Charlou in The Denver Post

"Jennifer, you are great at what you do, bravo.  You are simply amazing.  Allow me to thank you for all of your arduous, painstaking work.  If all goes well, I’ll be renting a small place soon, then decide what to do next.  Thank you for saving this old lady."